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 Meeting with Thailand distributor

Meeting with Thailand distributor

As one of network vendors, WI-TEK cooperates with  KAP NETWORK and accelerates its business, providing network equipment and networking solutions such as access point, AP controller, switch, gateway as well as related accessories applied in hospitality, financial department, education, enterprise, healthcare and other stadium areas. So we need the market feedback from Thailand local.


Nov 19th 2017 , After the exhibition , Mr Alun , WI-TEK product manger , go to the office of partner KAP NETWORK and share some new products .we also communicate with each other some suggestions and needs after the customers using the product . this is good for WI-TEK  and  help the our company to update products to meet local market demand .

 The product manager from  KAP NETWOR , Mr Cai , gave some good suggestion of WI-TEK products and networking solutions, including the product series, product operation, networking deployment and other techniques. 

Wireless-Tek Technology Limited Wi-Tek  Wireless-Tek Technology Limited Wi-Tek

Wireless-Tek Technology Limited Wi-Tek    Wireless-Tek Technology Limited Wi-Tek

The meeting last for two hour , during that time , we are not only represent all series of products to our partners, but also promote our new technology to them. This  is a good start. We will enrich our training content later on, such as technology forum,  strategy discussion and so on in the future. 

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