250M PoE Switch for CCTV Solution

Sep 29,2021

A common problem experienced by installers when setting up an IP surveillance solution is cable length limitations. The standard PoE cabling distance is 100 meters (328 feet). However, PoE devices are often located at longer distances from the nearest network switch or power outlet, requiring an extra repeater or switch in the field site.

To solve the issues, Wi-Tek has launched 250 meters Long-Range PoE Switch solution to meet the needs of today’s networking where long-distance transmission of data and power is needed, making it an ideal solution with a low cost.

IP infrastructure can be built in remote areas up to 250m without having to worry about power source and re-cabling.

DIP switch provides robust features Extend Mode, VLAN Mode to meet different needs. No further hardware or configuration is necessary, easy-to-use and cost-saving. Perfect for surveillance camera deployment in large areas.

250m Transmission: With Extend Mode, PoE supports data and power transmissions up to 250 m away perfect for surveillance camera deployment in large areas.

Port Isolation: PoE Ports can be isolated respectively but can communicate with uplink ports.

PoE WatchdogIf a PD crashes, the switch will automatically detect the failure and restart the device. This feature can save users time and avoid the hassle of manually restarting the IPC.

Hi-PoE Port DesignMany IP-based can take advantage of high-power PoE, such as LED display, PTZ IP cameras.