Outdoor 4G LTE Router Solutions

Sep 29,2021

As an important part of the security system, video surveillance is widely application in each field with its intuitive and timely advantages, which greatly guarantees people's personal and property safety. Nowadays, cameras are everywhere in our daily work and life.

With the development of intelligent monitoring, the demand for outdoor video surveillance network is also gradually increasing, such as traffic, orchards, scenic spots, construction sites, etc., However, outdoor wiring is not convenient the camera networking, because the network signal is unstable under harsh environments.

Wi-Tek Outdoor 4G Wireless Router Solution

Wi-Tek has launched a powerful, flexible deployment and cost-effective outdoor 4G router -- WI-LTE117-O,  built-in 4G module and PoE output, which can solve the power supply and networking problems of outdoor surveillance system.

In software function, WI-LTE117-O supports 4G mode, wireless Router Mode, 4G and Ethernet Backup Mode. You can switch different modes to cope with various environmental challenges: 4G to Ethernet, 4G to Wifi, which can effectively solve the outdoor wired networking problems, like high cost, long duration, maintenance. Wi-Tek also provides free cloud management services to monitor the working status of devices in real time.

Simple and flexible deployment, plug and play

Only need to install a Wi-Tek outdoor 4G wireless router near the camera and power up it with wall mount or pole mount, which can meet different installation requirements of outdoor scenes.

With PoE output, easy power for IP Cameras

Combined with the market demand, the original design equipment comes with PoE output RJ45 port. If you only need to power two IP cameras, no need to add additional PoE switch.

SD-LANremote surveillance video transmission

Through the SD-LAN networking technology developed by Wi-Tek, virtual LAN can be established in different places through the cloud platform to realize remote transmission of surveillance video, break through regional restrictions and realize remote access to surveillance video; as well as remote management of 4G equipment, no need to go to project site to maintenance, saving time and cost.